XLence Plus is an event company based out of San Diego, hosting plus size events throughout North America. Our events are body positive and size acceptance oriented. Whether you call it a “bash”, “plus size party” or “size acceptance event”, in the end you know you’re in for a fun time! Everyone and anyone is welcome to attend our events, as long as you have the right attitude! Our events are a great way to meet like minded individuals, and if you prefer a plus size partner, our events are great places to potentially meet your one true love!

All events include several parties. Whether they be pool parties, club nights or roaming room parties -they are always epic! Along with parties we also have meet and greets, workshops and vendor fairs. It’s never a dull moment at an XLence Plus event! Our community of over 15,000 amazing people from all over North America understand just how fun and life changing our events can be. We are happy to be responsible for life long friendships and long lasting romances. We’d love to see you soon, whether it’s your first event or fifteenth event, we know you’re going to have a great time!